Where Can You Find Photos of Blepharitis?


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Photos of blepharitis are available on the Merck Manual, MedicineNet.com and Mayo Clinic websites. The condition triggers inflammation at the edges of the eyelids, causing symptoms such as itchiness, swelling, sensitivity to light and excessive tearing. Blepharitis photos often show crust-like buildup on the eyelid edges and eyelashes.

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Exposure to dandruff or Staphylococcus bacteria are two of the most common causes of blepharitis. The eye may develop dryness and a burning sensation or feel irritated. The affected eyelids are usually red, and abscesses may form near the base of the eyelashes, leading to ulcers on the edges of the eyelids. Abnormal secretions may cause the eyelids to stick together when closed for long periods, so individuals often have difficulty opening their eyes upon waking.

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