How Can a Person Make His or Her Veins Pop Out?


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To make veins appear more prominent and stick out, get below 10 percent body fat, reduce water retention and increase frequency of exercise to encourage vasodilation, as reported by Mike Matthews, a bestselling health and fitness author. Genetics also play a huge role on the prominence of veins and how easy it is for each individual to attain the effect of veins popping out. The veins that pop out are known as superficial veins because they are closest to the surface of the body.

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One of the main obstacles that prevent veins from popping out is the amount of water that the body retains. A common mistake that leads to high volumes of water retention is an excessive intake of sodium. Adults should only intake approximately 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day; however, studies have found that most Americans have a daily intake that is almost 3 times as much. Reduce daily sodium intake and increase the intake of other nutrients and minerals like potassium.

Exercising regularly will also help promote vasodilation, which is when the veins become larger. Intense exercising has been known to increase arterial blood pressure, which will cause the veins to temporarily increase in diameter. With time, this increase becomes more permanent.

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