What Can a Person Eat to Grow Taller?


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While there are no foods that are guaranteed to increase height, certain key vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and zinc, are essential for supporting human growth. A varied and nutritious diet also helps to promote growth in young children and teenagers, according to HelpGuide.org.

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In most cases, a person who is fully matured does not grow any taller, however, children and teenagers are still growing. Parents should ensure that their children have access to a healthy diet, to maximize potential height, particularly during growth spurts. The following vitamins and minerals are an essential part of the growth of human tissue and bones during childhood:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin A is vital for bone growth, vision, and helps the body's immune system. This vitamin is found in carrots, sweet potato, spinach and squash, as noted by BabyCenter.com.

  • Vitamin D
  • Another vital component to aid growth is vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium for the development of bones. Vitamin D is present in salmon, yogurt, tuna, orange juice and milk.

  • Calcium
  • This mineral is a key part of human bones and, according to HelpGuide.com, most young people do not get enough. Calcium is found in milk, dairy products, spinach, and calcium-fortified foods like cereal.

  • Zinc
  • The National Institute of Health states that zinc supports growth during pregnancy, childhood and the teen years. Meats like beef, chicken and oysters are good sources of this mineral, and it is also available in fortified cereals, beans and nuts.

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