How Can a Person Build Chest Muscles?


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Building chest muscles requires a combination of weight resistance exercises and cardiovascular exercises. There are two muscles in the chest that must be worked: the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major, according to MD Health. The pectoralis minor is a smaller muscle beneath the much larger pectoralis major.

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Lifting weights is a common way for people to build chest muscles. Using dumbbells while lifting the arms in different manners and at different angles can help to define the chest area, according to Muscle & Fitness. Some other exercises that help build chest muscles include power presses, and working out with weights on an incline.

When trying to bulk up muscles, using a heavy weight is necessary. Generally, lighter weights help tone but heavier weights build muscle. Because of this, people trying to develop chest muscles must determine how heavy weights used for these exercises can be without causing the person to become injured. Personal trainers can usually help with this aspect of training.

After exercising the chest muscles, it is vital that the person stretch. Stretching after lifting weights helps to aid recovery and muscle growth.

Anyone who is working out the chest muscles should watch for signs of a pulled chest muscle. This type of injury can be painful. Some people mistake a pulled chest muscle for a heart attack, according to MD Health. Limited shoulder and arm movement, pain in the chest, soreness and loss of strength are all signs of a chest muscle pull.

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