How Can You Know If a Person Is an Alcoholic?


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Someone with an unusually high level of tolerance for alcohol, cravings for that next drink and feelings of withdrawal when not drinking is likely an alcoholic, according to SoberLink. People who have problems in relationships, at school or at work that are related to drinking have crossed the line from abuse to alcoholism.

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How Can You Know If a Person Is an Alcoholic?
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When people consume alcohol regularly, the brain adapts to permit more into the body without entering intoxication. The purpose of this is to avoid poisoning, but the effect is that drinkers need more alcohol to gain the same effect. Some alcoholics drink significant quantities without the sensation of intoxication. At some point, they start wanting to drink to gain a feeling of normalcy. People who can drink significantly more than peers without feeling drunk or who have problems remembering the things they did while drinking likely need to talk to someone about their condition, notes SoberLink.

An alcoholic often wakes up shaking and sweaty and feels nervous when he is not drinking. Failure to drink at night makes it more difficult for him to get to sleep. He might want to cut back on his drinking, but his cravings do not allow him to do so for long. He might stop doing other activities to give him more time to drink. Even when the emotional, physical, personal and legal consequences start to pile up, he keeps wanting to drink, reports SoberLink.

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