Where Can You Get Permanent Gold Teeth?

GoldTeethDental.com is a website that offers customizable permanent gold teeth. Individuals must design and purchase a gold crown or grill online and have a local dentist work on the placement of the gold tooth or teeth. As of 2015, about 60 designs are available to choose from.

The website offers a three-step process where users must first select a pre-made design or create a customized look. After the design is selected, users request a three-minute do-it-yourself teeth impression kit that is sent overnight or are given the option to get an imprint of both the top and bottom teeth from their personal dentist. After the impression is sent to Gold Teeth Dental and approved, the design is constructed and sent to the buyer overnight.

For a permanent placement of the gold crowns, visit a dentist. Customers either contact a Gold Teeth Dental dentist through the website, or use a local dentist for placement of all permanent gold crowns. After purchasing a product from the site, customers must print out the dental instructions form and give it to their dentist before the procedure takes place. Call or contact Gold Teeth Dental to redeem a free consultation with a dentist to ensure a perfect fit.