How Can I Perform Powerlifting?

How Can I Perform Powerlifting?

Because powerlifting demands a lot of strength and requires you to exert short but intense bursts of energy, you must train yourself to become a powerlifter. Simply trying to lift large amounts of weight without training leads to injuries. You'll need to plan your workouts and perform exercises that gradually build your strength. Depending on your level of fitness, this process could take several months.

  1. Plan your workouts

    Set aside time to do four lifting workouts per week. Two of these workouts will focus on performing the bench press, while the other two allow you to work on your squat and deadlift.

  2. Determine which days will be dynamic effort and maximum effort days

    Alternate dynamic effort days and maximum effort days as you begin workouts. Dynamic effort days require you to lift significant but not maximum amounts of weight quickly and explosively. This trains your muscles to apply rapid force to the bar. On maximum effort days, you should work to lift the heaviest weights your body can handle. Gradually increase this weight as you continue to alternate workout days.

  3. Focus on skills that need work

    Vary the exercises you perform so you are focusing on the weak points in your techniques. For example, if you have problems locking your elbows when doing a bench press, spend time perfecting this skill rather than spending equal time on every skill.