How Can You Perform a Pharmacy Cost Comparison?


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Use a smartphone app, such as GoodRx or WeRx, to quickly compare the cost of prescription medications at local pharmacies, suggests Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports noted that GoodRx found the lowest possible prices for medications, as stated in its August 2013 article. However, WeRx provided more pricing information from smaller independent pharmacies and allowed users to immediately notify the app if there was a pricing change.

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GoodRx provides pricing information and discounts for more than 70,000 pharmacies in the United States, according to the official website. To use the app or the GoodRx site, people specify the medication they need and their location. The service then returns a list of prices for that medication at nearby pharmacies. The site may display information about the cash, coupon, membership or Medicare price, or any combination of those prices. GoodRx also provides information about manufacturer discounts.

For some prescriptions, GoodRx provides a free coupon for the prescription, notes the site. Users can print the coupon directly from the site or send it via text or email to their accounts.

WeRx, which also provides an online prescription pricing tool, focuses on the community building aspect of providing information about drug pricing through its Report a Price feature, states its website. However, WeRX does not get all its pricing information from users, it also sources the information from public records and publicly available price lists, as well as requesting the information directly from the pharmacy.

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