Can Patients Go Home Right Away After Hydrocele Surgery?


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Patients are typically allowed to leave the hospital a few hours after a hydrocele surgery, according to Healthline. Pain disappears in around one week, but a person cannot resume daily activities for several weeks.

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Hydroceles, which are fluid-filled sacs that appear around a testicle, develop in males of all ages but commonly occur in babies, states Healthline. The sacs are typically benign and pain-free. Noncommunicating hydroceles result from the body’s inability to absorb the fluid from sacs that close, whereas communicating hydroceles develop when the sacs around the testicles do not completely close, enabling fluid to flow in and out.

Hydroceles that grow large or do not resolve on their own may require surgery, says Healthline. Adults with hydroceles and anyone with communicating hydroceles also usually need to undergo surgery. Anesthesia is administered to the patient during a surgery. Doctors make a tiny incision at the location of the hydrocele, typically in the scrotum or abdomen, and remove the hydrocele.

Patients can usually go home a few hours post-surgery, notes Healthline. A drainage tube is often needed for several days. Physicians sometimes prescribe medication for pain relief if a patient experiences persistent pain. A person should avoid strenuous activities, such as straddling or biking, for three weeks or more after the surgery. It is important for patients to clean the site of the surgery by showering or taking sponge baths.

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