What Can a Patient Access Through Partners Patient Gateway?

What Can a Patient Access Through Partners Patient Gateway?

Patients can access their lab results and information for their prescriptions, immunizations and allergies through the Partners Patient Gateway. It also provides patients with a way to ask questions regarding treatment plans and a schedule for preventive maintenance tests, according to Partners Healthcare.

Registering with the Partners Patient Gateway only takes a few minutes, and once a patient is registered, the doctor can send different information to him. Patients will find it easy to access test results, appointment reminders, prescription renewal information and health questionnaires, and patients receive email when something in their Partners Patient Gateway changes.

By registering with the Partners Patient Gateway, patients can avoid frequent phone calls from their health care providers. The network also helps patients manage their health care better, making them more active partners in their health care experiences, according to Partners Healthcare.

The Partners Patient Gateway is especially useful for those managing the health care of children or the elderly. All the information is located in one place, and caregivers or parents can message their doctors directly should a problem or question arise.

Members of the Partners Patient Gateway may also participate in the Partners Research Study Volunteer Program, which is always recruiting for current and future studies.