Can You Patch a Trampoline?

It is possible to patch a trampoline, although only in certain circumstances. Holes that are greater than 1 inch in diameter are not repairable in most cases, and having too many holes in one trampoline mat threatens the overall integrity of the mat. Previous repairs also disqualify some mats.

While the most obvious source of stress on a trampoline is the force of people jumping up and down on it, the most inexorable cause for eventual tears in the mat comes from the UV-rays bearing down from the sun. Trampoline stitching is usually good for between three and eight years, depending on the quality, and once the stitching starts to go, holes in the mat form more easily.

Repair kits are available for trampoline owners to attempt the patch themselves, and there are also companies that come out and put in the patching as a service. However, there are some cases that make patching impossible. In addition to having holes that are too large (or too many holes), it is important to look at the trampoline fabric stitching along the edges. If tears have formed in the edge of the mat, patching does not work. Also, if a trampoline mat has been in place for a decade or more, the repair is not likely to hold for long. In all of these cases, buying a new mat is the best bet.