How Can You Pass a Kidney Stone Quickly?


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Drinking between eight and 10 glasses of water each day and taking prescription alpha-blocker medications can move kidney stones through the system quickly, according to WebMD. The longer kidney stones stay in the system, the larger they can grow, and the more pain they cause.

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The first symptom of a kidney stone is often swift pain in the belly or back. This type of pain can also indicate appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy in women, two conditions that require immediate attention, so it is important to seek medical attention as soon as symptoms are experienced. If X-rays show the stone is small, the doctor is likely to recommend pain medication and considerable hydration to keep urine clear and hurry the stones through, notes WebMD.

Alpha-blocker medications cause the walls of the ureter to relax, making passages wider to allow stones to pass with less difficulty. Taking alpha-blockers can lead to dizziness or headache, but those symptoms are usually mild. Combining these medications with hydration sends many kidney stones through without a need for further trips to the physician. If further treatment is needed, shock wave therapy designed to break the stone into smaller pieces is the most common procedure, as stated by WebMD.

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