Where Can You Find the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Online?


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There are two popular online sources for paleo Diet meal plans: ThePaleoDiet.com and Whole30.com. ThePaleoDiet.com is the webpage of Loren Cordain, the founder of the paleo movement. Both sites sell cookbooks and feature free recipes as well as sample menu plans.

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The paleo diet became popular in 2002 after Loren Cordain published his book, which asserts that the optimal diet resembles that of humanity's ancient ancestors. The paleo diet consists primarily of meat and vegetables, and eschews grains, legumes, refined carbohydrates, vegetable oils and dairy. The paleo diet featured on Whole30.com differs from the original paleo diet in that it approves of potatoes. Paleo diets may control blood sugar and reduce inflammation, which is linked to many diseases, states research found on ThePaleoDiet.com.

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