How Can Pain in Someone's Mastoid Bone Be Stopped?

A person can stop the pain in the mastoid bone by using ear drops, antibiotics or visiting a doctor for cleaning. If the pain continues, a person may need surgery to prevent any complications. A patient may be admitted to the hospital to allow the doctor to treat the condition effectively.

Pain in the mastoid bone is a common symptom for a condition called mastoiditis, which is a bacterial infection that affects the mastoid bone. This condition occurs when the mastoid cells become inflamed due to untreated ear infection. Mastoiditis can also be caused by a condition called cholesteatoma, an unusual buildup of skin cells in the ear. If not treated early enough, mastoiditis can spread to the nearby parts causing other complications. This condition is common in children but can also affect adults, as stated by WebMD.

The symptoms of mastoiditis include redness, tenderness, ear drainage, fever, headache and swelling behind the ear. It is advisable for a person to visit a doctor once he or she starts experiencing the symptoms. Diagnosis is done by examining the inside of the ear using a piece of equipment called an otoscope. Children may need to undergo a computed tomography, or CT, scan to allow the doctor to view a clear image of the skull, as stated by the NHS.