How Can You Get Pain Relief for Diverticulitis?


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A person can find relief from the pain of diverticulitis by using a heating pad, trying relaxation techniques or taking pain medication, explains WebMD. Preventing diverticulitis with a high-fiber diet and practicing healthy bowel habits may also help.

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How Can You Get Pain Relief for Diverticulitis?
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Using a heating pad on the abdomen is one way to ease the pain associated with diverticulitis, according to WebMD. This helps to relieve minor cramping and can be used with other treatments such as practicing relaxation techniques. To do this, a person should work on slow, even breathing exercises or learn the art of meditation.

Pain medication is also an option for those suffering from diverticulitis, claims WebMD. Over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen may be helpful. If it doesn't work, a doctor may prescribe a prescription pain medication to help. Preventing diverticulitis attacks is also important. This can be done by eating a diet that is high in fiber. Fruits, vegetables, brown rice and cereal made from whole grains are all high-fiber foods. Practicing good bowel habits, such as getting plenty of water, not straining and eating at the same time each day may also help to treat discomfort from diverticulitis. People should not treat diverticulitis with laxatives or enemas unless a doctor advises it.

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