Where Can You Find an Ovulation Calendar?


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Find an ovulation calendar online, such as the one offered by BabyHopes.com. It calculates and shows the most fertile days of the month based on the menstrual cycle length and the first day of the last period.

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Most women ovulate about 14 days before their next period, as BabyHopes.com states. During the most fertile days each month, the body may also give subtle clues that ovulation is occurring. Body temperature may rise .5 to 1 degree Fahrenheit, explains WebMD. Tender breasts, abdominal bloating and a little bit of pain on one side of the belly may also be felt. Cervical mucus, discharged vaginally, may appear more elastic, clearer and thinner. Spotting may also be experienced during ovulation, WebMD concludes.

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