How Can You Find Out If WalkFit Inserts Really Works?


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Experts say that no orthotic works for everyone, and the only way to know if a specific orthotic works is to try it.. A podiatrist reports that Walkfit orthotics may be effective in relieving ball-of-foot pain in some people, but are unlikely to relieve heel, back or big toe pain.

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Walkfit orthotics have an extremely high, stiff arch support that may be uncomfortable for some people. They also elevate the toes well above the heel of the foot, which may lead to back pain in some people. They act by transferring most of the body's weight off the heel and toe area to the arch of the foot instead, which may relieve foot pain in some people. However, the arch of the foot is not intended to be weight-bearing. Walkfits are advertised as being able to correct posture and relieve foot pain.

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