How Can You Find Out If Someone Is Married?

How Can You Find Out If Someone Is Married?

Find out if someone is married by asking the particular person, asking close associates or using online resources. Online marriage records can give access to information such as a marriage date, groom or bride's name and marriage county, according to USA People Search.

Some of the most common reasons to look up marriage records include finding out if someone is currently married, investigating if a spouse was previously married, determining marriage date or finding out about the bride and groom's ages, notes USA People Search. While it may be possible to obtain information on someone's marital status through casual inquiries, accurate details can be obtained online by doing the following.

  1. Find a background search resource
  2. Various online websites offer background information regarding people across the United States. Examples of such resources include Family Search and Free Background Check. Simply choose one resource and go to its website.

  3. Enter required information
  4. On the particular website, enter information regarding the individual in question. If accurate results are not obtained, refine the search to focus on state, date or any other information that may be helpful.

  5. Understand the results
  6. Once the results have been checked, be sure to verify that the person in question is indeed the one listed on the website. Individuals who are not married may not appear in the marriage record results.