Can You Find Out at Home What Your LDL/HDL Is?


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It is possible to test blood cholesterol levels at home, including LDL/HDL, as stated by WebMD. High-end test kits check individual levels of each and have a 95 percent accuracy rating.

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Monitoring blood cholesterol levels helps doctors determine a patient's overall heart and cardiovascular health. These levels are usually monitored through regular blood tests completed at the doctors' office. When the patient's blood is analyzed, the doctor looks for high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein and total cholesterol levels.

HDL is the good kind of cholesterol that protects the heart, while LDL is the bad kind that can damage the heart. A healthy adult patient only needs this test completed once every 5 years. However, patients with heart problems or who have already been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels may need to have their cholesterol levels checked more often.

A home cholesterol test works similarly to a blood sugar test. The patient pricks his or her finger to extract blood and soaks it up with a special test strip. Lower cost strips turn a different color and that color can be checked via a code key to indicate total cholesterol levels. However, the high-end monitors can analyze the blood on the strip and display the LDLs, HDLs and total cholesterol levels on a digital screen.

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