Where Can You Find Out About a Diverticulitis Diet?


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Stanford Health Care, the University of California San Francisco and the Mayo Clinic all provide information for a diverticulitis diet. Each of the company websites cover the basics of a diverticulitis diet, which foods to eat, which foods to limit, and how to prevent constipation that may exacerbate the condition.

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The key to a diverticulitis diet includes adding fiber gradually to the diet, even if a patient already eats a lot of high-fiber foods, notes UCSFHealth.org. Patients should consume 25 to 30 grams of fiber every day as part of a diverticulitis diet. Foods such as beans, legumes, whole bran, oatmeal and rice have high fiber content. Patients should also drink 8 cups of fluid every day to help soften stool, and engage in regular exercise to promote regular bowel movements.

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