How Can You Find Out When a Child Needs to Be Immunized?


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Information about when a child should be vaccinated against specific diseases is found in the published immunization schedules based on recommendations by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, explains the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC schedules specify each vaccine's number of doses, the timing between doses and the recommended age of the child at the time of vaccination. Catch-up schedules are provided for children whose vaccinations have been delayed.

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Most children born in the United States follow a routine administration schedule of vaccinations and receive up to 27 vaccinations before the age of 2, according to WebMD. The immunization schedules published by the CDC are the only officially recognized schedules.

If a child starts her immunizations late or falls behind on the schedule, she should receive a catch-up vaccination as soon as possible, notes Vaccines.gov. A missed dose not administered at the recommended age should be given to the child at the next visit, when indicated by the catch-up schedules and if feasible. The catch-up schedules indicate the minimum intervals between doses.

Immunization schedules include guidance for the timing of vaccinations for children with certain high-risk conditions, notes Vaccines.gov. A healthcare provider is the recommended resource for schedules specific to the child.

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