How Can You Find Out the Calorie Count of a Specific Food?


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Find out the calorie count in a specific food by using an online calorie counter tool such as those available through CalorieKing.com, CaloriesCount.com or WebMD.com as well as through using meal planning apps such as MyFitnessPal. Additionally, many restaurants also publish guides that contain the nutrition information for their foods.

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CalorieKing.com offers a searchable database of foods that includes details such as calorie count, carbohydrates, protein and sugars in a given serving. The tool includes both basic food ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as meals from national restaurant chains.

The tool on CaloriesCount.com functions through a keyword search function; enter the name of a food to view its calorie information. The site contains multiple entries for foods with different preparation styles, such as raw or cooked with salt, as well as the option to set different serving amounts to view calories and grams of fat. WebMD.com also offers keyword search tools for its calorie tool, as well as popular food cottages and restaurant chains.

MyFitnessPal requires you to create an account using either the smartphone or Web app, in order to view the calorie and nutrition information for various foods. The app also includes meal planning functionality, allowing you to enter numerous foods for each meal to view a summation of the calories for the day. Each restaurant makes the calorie information for its foods available in different ways, with many listing it as a downloadable PDF on a special page of its site.

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