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The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and the Holistic Dental Association offer tremendous information about biological dentistry. More information can also be found on Wikipedia. Biological dentistry is a thought process that serves as a guide for decision making in the dentist industry. It emphasizes a more individualized approach to dental care than traditional dentistry, with fewer medicines and a focus on overall health as it pertains to dental care.

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Biological dentistry, also known as holistic dentistry, centers on treatment approaches that take into consideration the physical, spiritual and emotional health of a patient. Some well-accepted examples of this include the impact of periodontal infections on indicators of systemic inflammation and cardiovascular health.

Biological dentists reflect on the effects of dental equipment and procedures on overall health. Prior to using synthetic or foreign objects, these dentists tend to consider the immunology, the microbiology and the toxicology of their work and act in accordance to minimize the impact of these areas.

This form of dentistry follows according to four basic principles: proper nutrition is integral to the prevention of dental disease, bite challenges lead to imbalance problems so addressing dental malocclusion is important, prevention and treatment of gum disease should occur at its biological basis and toxins from dental materials should be avoided and eliminated.

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