How Can Osteopenia Be Treated From Home?


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Lifestyle remedies that patients with osteopenia can implement at home include getting enough vitamin D and calcium in the diet and maintaining a program of regular exercise, says Mayo Clinic. Getting the required amount of vitamin D and calcium keeps bones healthy, and regular exercise can help slow bone loss.

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Osteopenia is a condition in which bones begin to lose their density as the levels of calcium and other important bone minerals fall below normal amounts, according to Mayo Clinic. Higher levels of calcium and minerals are necessary for strong bones, so people with osteopenia experience greater risks of bone fractures than people with normal bone density. Osteopenia can lead to osteoporosis, but it does not always do so.

People with osteopenia can maintain bone health by eating foods high in calcium, such as calcium-fortified cereals and juices, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, soy products and salmon or canned sardines with bones, suggests Mayo Clinic. The body needs adequate vitamin D to absorb the calcium, so spending time in the sunlight or taking vitamin D supplements are good ways to maintain vitamin D in the body. A combination of weight-bearing exercises, such as running, jumping rope, skiing and stair-climbing, along with strength-training are good ways to strengthen the bones of the entire skeleton.

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