Can the Ornish Program Reverse Heart Disease?


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Dr. Dean Ornish's Spectrum program has worked to prevent and treat heart disease, according to WebMD. Individuals using the program to reverse heart disease can undergo additional training to develop healthy habits alongside the dieting advice in the main program, according to Everyday Health.

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Based on 35 years of scientific research, Dr Ornish's program limits types of food intake based on each individual's goals, according to WebMD. Dr. Ornish ranks food along a spectrum in order of health. People intending to benefit most from the program should eat food within the healthiest rank.

Under Dr. Ornish's program, individuals with heart disease receive 72 hours of training from health professionals, according to Everyday Health. This training includes supervised exercise, stress management, emotional support and nutritional counseling. After the training, participants proceed to a self-directed community where they can motivate each other to maintain the healthy habits they learned.

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