Where Can You Find Online Pregnancy Tests?


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An online pregnancy test is available from About.com. However, the website advises that the test is not able to provide a definitive answer about whether or not a woman is pregnant.

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Where Can You Find Online Pregnancy Tests?
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Missing a menstrual period is the biggest indicator of pregnancy, according to the National Institutes of Health. Nonetheless, it does not necessarily confirm that a woman is pregnant. There are various other explanations for why a woman might miss a period, including the use of oral contraceptives, eating disorders, excessive exercise, and certain health conditions or medications.

During the initial stages of pregnancy, a woman may notice slight bleeding or spotting, states the NIH. Her breasts may feel swollen, and her nipples may feel sore and sensitive. Due to hormonal changes, she is more likely to feel unusually tired, and she may suffer from headaches and mood swings.

A pregnant woman often experiences nausea and vomiting, and she may feel the need to urinate more frequently. She may also start to develop distinct food cravings while rejecting what used to be her favorite foods, says the NIH.

A woman who suspects she is pregnant can use a home pregnancy test as soon as she misses her period, suggests Healthline. These tests tend to be highly accurate. Alternatively, she may choose to take a urine test or a blood test at the doctor's office.

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