Where Can You Find Online Pictures of Skin Lesions?


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Many websites have photographs of skin lesions, including WebMd, MedicineNet, Dermnt and Healthline. These websites contain images as well as extensive verbal descriptions of the causes or diseases associated with the type of lesion.

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Dermnet.com has a skin disease atlas that includes photographs of dozens of skin ailments ranging from rosacea to eczema, melanoma, warts, scabies, herpes and malignant lesions. The images are sorted by type, with subheadings that further depict the skin condition on various parts of the body and in different stages of development.

Most of the websites explain that the lesions can vary by contagion or source of transmission. WebMd shows different types of cancer, ringworm, lesions and more, with explanations and warnings of when the lesion could turn into squamous cell carcinoma. MedicineNet also explains fungal dermatological ailments, bacterial skin diseases, allergic reactions, viral skin rashes, diseases of pigment, and cancerous and non-cancerous types of skin lesions. Healthline explains homeopathic and over-the-counter remedies for treatment, while also explaining when to call a practitioner and what is usually needed for treating the patient's skin. Information is available to help determine whether or not the lesion is communicable to others. In addition to photographs, the website also provides graphic illustrations and charts.

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