How Can One Get Rid of Neck Spasms Naturally?


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Neck spasms and cramps can be cared for naturally by kneading and stretching the muscles and icing the area, suggests HowStuffWorks. To knead spasming neck muscles, stretch the muscles of the neck with the left hand while massaging them with the right hand.

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Spasming neck muscles can also be treated with ice or cold packs, according to HowStuffWorks. Place the cold pack on the affected area for up to half an hour every hour for a day. At the same time, avoid using heat or hot packs because heat dilates the blood vessels and causes swelling. However, applying a small amount of heat to the area can ease the muscles. For more intense spasms and pain, try anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Because neck pain is caused by emotional or physical stress, relieving this pain means first eliminating the source of the stress, states HowStuffWorks. One method is for a person to lie down and relieve the neck from having to hold up the head. Avoid using thick pillows because they push on the neck and cause more pain. Another home remedy is to practice relaxation techniques such as progressive relaxation, abdominal breathing, meditation, exercise and yoga.

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