How Can One Reduce or Eliminate Swelling of the Feet After a C-Section?


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Some swelling of the feet after a C-section is normal; however, a person can reduce or eliminate swelling with various home methods. Beneficial remedies include elevating feet above the head, eating healthily, drinking water, exercising moderately and not wearing tight clothes or jewelry, notes Bambi Turner for HowStuffWorks.

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By elevating feet above the head, a person can help reduce the fluid buildup in his feet. Eat a healthy diet to help flush out excess fluids. An optimal diet includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, numerous whole grains and plenty of protein-rich foods. Avoid processed foods, especially those with a high sodium content. Sodium-rich foods lead to increased swelling. Drink plenty of fluids to help flush out the fluids the body is storing. Consume enough fluids by emptying the bladder every four to six hours, recommends Turner.

Exercising moderately can be helpful to reduce swelling because it improves circulation and rids the body of excess fluid by sweating it off. Talk to a doctor first about what types and amounts of exercise are appropriate. Do not wear tight clothes or jewelry, especially near the feet. Tight clothes or jewelry discourage circulation, resulting in increased bloating and swelling, according to Turner.

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