How Can One Minimize Pain After Hernia Surgery?


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Ice packs, prescription pain relievers and over-the-counter medications help to minimize pain after hernia surgery, states Beverly Hills Hernia Center. Most patients experience moderate to severe pain during the first three days following the operation, but pain control may be necessary for up to two weeks.

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Hernia surgery patients usually leave the hospital with a prescription for pain relievers. Percocet, Vicoden and Tylenol with codeine are used most often and should be taken as directed for at least the first 48 hours. Patients with severe pain can supplement their prescription medications with two tablets of Aleve or Motrin every six hours, says Beverly Hills Hernia Center.

Applying an ice pack helps control swelling and reduce inflammation in the area of the incision. Patients should ice their wounds for the first 48 hours following surgery, states Rhode Island Hospital. Best results are seen when ice is used consistently, staying on the wound for 20 minutes, followed by 40 minutes off.

In addition to ice and pain relievers, there are other pain control techniques that patients can use to minimize their post hernia surgery pain. Holding a pillow against the incision eases the discomfort, while music and meditation can take a person's mind off the pain, explains Case Medical Center.

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