How Can One Lower Creatinine Levels?


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Creatinine levels can be lowered through lifestyle changes, such as reducing physical activity, practicing yoga, making dietary changes and staying hydrated. Diets containing low quantities of sodium, potassium, protein and phosphorous-rich foods can bring down creatinine levels, over a period of 4-6 weeks, explains the Kidney Cares Community.

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Eating sodium-rich food leads to fluid retention, causing high blood pressure. Both of these conditions are known to increase creatinine levels in the blood. Therefore, sodium intake must be reduced to only a few grams per day.

Red meat and dairy products are not good for people with high creatinine levels; these can be cut out of the diet completely. Replace animal protein with plant proteins in the diet, suggests the Kidney Cares Community.

Avoid foods that are rich in phosphorous, such as nuts, cheese, pork, shellfish, pumpkin, squash, soybeans and low-fat dairy products. The kidneys struggle to process phosphorous-rich foods, so to avoid a strain on the kidneys, all foods containing phosphorous can be avoided.

Exercise produces creatinine, which is a waste product of metabolism, explains WebMD. Therefore, when creatinine levels are too high, one must reduce strenuous physical activity and replace it with less physically-demanding activity, such as practicing yoga and breathing exercises, notes the Kidney Cares Community.

The last resort to lower creatinine levels, when all other methods fail, is dialysis, explains the Kidney Cares Community. This is performed through a blood purification machine, operated by a qualified medical practitioner.

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