How Can One Lose Weight With Saran Wrap?

How Can One Lose Weight With Saran Wrap?

It is possible to lose weight by wrapping your body in Saran wrap and doing a cardiovascular workout. However, the weight loss will be water weight and not fat. This weight loss is achieved by sweating and may be almost instantaneous.

  1. Wrap your body in Saran wrap

    Spread the wrap from the top of your ribcage to the top of your hips. Wrap it around yourself two or three times. It is important not to wrap too tightly as this restricts movement and may cut off blood circulation. The wrap should move easily.

  2. Put on exercise clothing

    Put your exercise clothing on as normal over the Saran wrap. This method works by encouraging sweating, so the clothing should be as thick as possible to facilitate this. Wear something that allows free movement so that you can exercise as rigorously as possible.

  3. Do a cardiovascular workout

    Running and cycling are the most effective forms of cardiovascular workout. Take a break every fifteen minutes for safety reasons. Stop immediately if you begin to experience dehydration, dizziness or if you begin to feel uncomfortably hot.

  4. Remove the Saran wrap following the workout

    This method is not recommended for a sustained period of time, as it may lead to dehydration.