Where Can One Find Information on Oxycod Apap 5 - 325mg Tablets?


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As of 2015, information on oxycodone apap 5 - 325 milligram tablets, marketed as Percocet 5/325, is available at EverydayHealth.com and Drugs.com, according to the websites. The drug contains oxycodone, a powerful opium-derived narcotic pain reliever, combined with acetaminophen, or apap, which intensifies oxycodone's effectiveness.

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Patients taking oxycodone can become addicted to it, and it can cause delay or cessation of their breathing, notes Drugs.com. Patients should never exceed the dosage prescribed by their doctor, and should not continue taking it longer than necessary. Ingesting an opened or crushed time-released dose in pill form can lead to a fatal drug overdose. Taking the drug with other medications, including those containing acetaminophen, can cause liver damage or a fatal overdose, notes Everyday Health. Patients experiencing symptoms including weak muscles, damp, cold skin, extreme grogginess and a slowed heart rate may have taken an overdose, and should seek help immediately.

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