Where Can One Find a Dentist List?

can-one-dentist-list Credit: Dean Mitchell/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Patients can locate dentists registered with the American Dental Association at MouthHealthy.org or review a list of dentists with customer ratings at the Healthgrades website. Patients with dental insurance plans can visit their insurance providers' websites for lists of in-network dentists or filter results by insurance plan on the Healthgrades website.

To search the American Dental Association’s directory, users can enter addresses or ZIP codes in the search field at MouthHealthy.org. Users can also specify their desired travel distances, search by dental specialties and search for individual providers by their last names. The American Dental Association is the largest group of dentists in the world, with over 156,000 registered members, as of 2015.

Visitors to Healthgrades.com can filter dentists by location and specialty or by specific conditions the dentists treat or procedures they perform. Individuals can also filter results by appointments to locate dentists with immediate availability. Patients can search and sort results by patient satisfaction criteria such as patient recommendations and customer satisfaction scores. Users rate customer satisfaction on a five-star scale, which includes factors such as the condition of the facilities, the friendliness of the staff, the ease of scheduling appointments, the quality of the dentist's care and patient communication.