How Can You Help Older Children Who Wet the Bed?


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Help older children who wet the bed by limiting their intake of beverages in the evening and avoiding giving them any foods or drinks with caffeine in them, notes Mayo Clinic. Encourage the child to void his bladder twice at bedtime, and make sure your child goes regularly during the day. Help the child deal with any fallout from bed wetting, including preventing rashes from wet underclothes.

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Control the amount of liquid the child drinks in the evenings to lessen the change that he wets the bed. Eliminate food and drinks that contain caffeine, even during the day, since caffeine works as a stimulant on the bladder, notes Mayo Clinic.

Have the child void his bladder at the beginning of the bedtime ritual, and then once again before he falls asleep. Be sure to encourage the child to get up during the night to use the bathroom, if needed. Make it easier for your child to find the bathroom at night by installing small inexpensive nightlights that light the way from his bedroom to the bathroom.

Prevent rashes from wetness by helping your child stay clean after accidents. Help the child use cream or ointment at night to create a barrier that protects his skin from wetness.

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