Can Ocular Rosacea Cause Permanent Damage to the Eyes?


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Ocular rosacea can cause corneal inflammation leading to corneal ulcers and keratitis, notes All About Vision. Both conditions can result in permanent vision loss if left untreated. Ocular rosacea may also cause chronic dry eye and redness, itchy eyes, and inflammation of the eyelids.

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Other symptoms of ocular rosacea include a feeling of grittiness in the eye, blurry vision, light sensitivity, eyelid cysts and broken blood vessels around the eye, explains the American Academy of Dermatology. Vision may be impaired even without corneal inflammation or an ulcer.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition marked by tiny, red pimples and the appearance of fine, dilated blood vessels on the skin across the cheeks, nose and forehead, states MedicineNet.com. While it can't be cured, the acne-like condition can be managed.

The condition is more common in middle-aged women with fair skin, according to MedicineNet.com. Those of English, Irish or Scottish heredity are especially susceptible. A family history of rosacea is another risk factor. The symptoms can come and go, and may be triggered by changes in the weather, strong emotional reactions, sun exposure, exercise, alcohol consumption and spicy foods.

Treatment for rosacea involves antibacterial washes, antibiotics and topical creams, notes MedicineNet.com. Laser, photo and pulsed-light therapies are also used to control the skin condition.

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