Where Can You Obtain a Diabetic Grocery List?


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A sample diabetic grocery list is available on the American Diabetic Association's official website. This list includes categories such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and grains with specific grocery items such as blackberries, raspberries, romaine lettuce and fat-free water crackers.

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Shopping for a diabetic diet can be overwhelming at first, so individuals should set aside an hour or two for a first grocery trip, as recommended by About.com. Shoppers should hang a grocery list somewhere that is seen every day, such as the fridge, and add to it when they are running low on a staple item. Shoppers should plan how much food to buy based on how many meals they serve to avoid being tempted by excess food in the house.

For breads, grains and starches, diabetics should choose corn-based products or popcorn as well as whole-grain flour, cereals, bread and tortillas, as stated by WebMD. Diabetics should avoid pickles and canned vegetables with large amounts of sodium, instead opting for lettuces and greens as well as fresh vegetables that can be eaten raw, grilled or lightly steamed. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes should be considered part of the breads, grains and starches group. For fruit, diabetics can choose any type of frozen fruit, fresh fruit or 100 percent fruit juice, avoiding canned fruit in heavy syrup.

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