Where Can You Obtain a Chart With Information on Appropriate Blood Iron Levels?


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"Normal" results differ by lab, and charts with information on appropriate blood iron levels are not available as of 2015, according to Lab Tests Online and the National Library of Medicine. However, a chart showing widely accepted healthy ranges for hemoglobin is available from Disabled World.

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A doctor performs a test of blood iron levels when a patient has abnormal levels of hemoglobin, a protein associated with blood iron levels, reports Lab Tests Online. Low hemoglobin may indicate low iron, and normal hemoglobin levels for people of all ages and genders are fairly well established. Individuals interested in these normal ranges can view them online at the Disabled World and eMedicine websites. Patients who want to know if their results are normal should consult the references ranges from their particular lab.

Although the NLM lists a normal blood iron range for adults as 60 to 170 micrograms per deciliter, it strongly encourages patients to speak to their doctors about specific results.

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