Can Nutritional Yeast Cause High Ferritin Levels?


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High ferritin levels are not caused by nutritional yeast, but may be caused by a buildup of iron in the body, explains WebMD. Ferritin is a protein that binds to iron, and the amount in the blood is the same as is found in the body.

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High ferritin levels may be caused by genetics, states WebMD. In addition, conditions such as alcoholism, anemia and thalassemia cause high levels of ferritin. Those who have had a number of blood transfusions may experience high ferritin levels. Leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, lupus and arthritis can all contribute to high ferritin levels, as can eating too many foods rich in iron. The danger of having a high ferritin level for patients is that it may negatively affect how organs, such as the pancreas and heart, work.

The value and range of ferritin in the blood depends on the lab that conducts the test, explains WebMD. A lab should put the range it uses on the results page before sending it to the patient and his doctor. The doctor evaluates the results of the range and compares it to factors such as the health of the patient in order to determine if ferritin levels are high, low or normal.

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