Where Can Nutritional Information About Ideal Protein Products Be Found?

Nutritional data for Ideal Protein products is available at MyFitnessPal.com or by visiting an Ideal Protein Center, according to IdealProtein.com. The Ideal Protein Center website has a Center Locator tool. Ideal Protein nutritional data at MyFitnessPal.com includes calorie count, and fat, carbohydrate and protein content.

The MyFitnessPal.com website includes a search engine that provides access to individual Ideal Protein product detail pages. These pages display the percentage of recommended daily allowances for vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. Detail pages also break out fats and carbohydrates by type and display sodium and potassium content. Ideal Protein product pages specify if the product is ready-to-serve or packaged as a mix.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is a four-phase diet plan during which the dieter receives one-on-one coaching. Weight loss occurs during the first phase, which requires eating Ideal Protein products, according to The Ideal U. The dieter reduces his intake of these products during the second phase. During the third phase, the dieter further reduces the use of Ideal Protein products and revises his eating to re-introduce foods not allowed during the early phases. Finally, the dieter integrates the eating habits taught in the program to maintain a stable and healthy weight.