How Can You Find a Non-GMO Shopping Guide?


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You can find a non-GMO shopping guide by visiting NonGMOShoppingGuide.com, by checking the Non-GMO Project website or by visiting the iTunes or Google Play stores and entering "Center for Food Safety" in the search field. Many different organizations have published non-GMO food guides online.

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The organization that runs NonGMOShoppingGuide.com is the Institute for Responsible technology. You can access the guide through a link provided on the Institute's main site or by entering the guide's URL into your browser's address bar. You can also download the guide for free or buy pocket guides.

The Non-GMO Project runs their own separate guide. You can search for brands on their site to check that they are GMO-free, or you can download a spreadsheet of verified GMO-free products.

The Center for Food Safety offers a GMO-free guide as an app for Android and iPhone mobile devices. In addition to searching the organization's name in the Web store for your device, you can also find the right guide for your device by clicking on the links provided on the Center's page about the apps.

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