How Can Nighttime Foot Pain Be Treated?


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Treatment for nighttime muscle cramps, which causes pain in the leg, thigh or foot, includes stretching and massaging the muscle, applying a heating pad, or taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen, according to WebMD. Doctors also recommend drinking plenty of water and stretching the muscles daily.

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A person should gently shake the leg or try walking to alleviate foot pain when a muscle cramp occurs, suggests WebMD. If muscle cramps are likely caused by a medication, an individual should consult a doctor to change the dose or switch to another medicine.

Home care for foot pain involves application of ice to decrease pain and swelling, states MedlinePlus. A person should raise her foot whenever possible and restrict movements until the pain subsides. Physicians also advise to select comfortable, properly fitting shoes and to wear foot pads. Exercises that strengthen the feet are recommended. Anyone who experiences pain after an injury, joint redness or swelling, or an unexpected, intense foot pain should seek medical help.

To prevent muscle cramps, an individual should minimize alcohol consumption and eat foods with high amounts of calcium, potassium and magnesium, says WebMD. It also helps to stretch the muscles by riding a bike or a stationary bike. It is important for anyone who wants to start an exercise regimen to increase the amount of exercise slowly every week.

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