How can you get free Nicorette patches to help you stop smoking?


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As of 2015, free nicotine patches to help people stop smoking are available from Quitplan, the New York State Smokers' Hotline and QuitWorks, according to the agencies. QuitPlan offers up to a four-week supply of the patches to Minnesota residents who register online and up to an eight-week supply to those who sign up for the QuitPlan Helpline. New York offers starter kits by phone and at NYSmokeFree.com. QuitWorks provides two-week starter kits to adults who complete assessments and questionnaires.

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QuitWorks, a Massachusetts-based program, delivers free nicotine patches in doses of 7, 14 and 21 milligrams to patients��� home addresses, and no one has to sign for the packages, notes QuitWorks. The kits include directions for using the patches and smoking cessation tips. QuitWorks offers counseling services for those who want additional support to quit smoking. The long-term rate of smoking cessation approximately doubles when smokers combine nicotine replacement therapy with counseling.

Minnesota offers its QuitPlan Helpline counseling program to adult state residents who do not have insurance that covers phone coaches or nicotine replacement therapy, explains QuitPlan. Smokers who enroll in the program receive four weeks of free nicotine patches. Individuals can enroll in the program twice each year.

The New York State program offers Quit Coaches for support as well as the free nicotine patches or gum, notes the New York State Smokers Quitline. Smokers can sign up for the assistance online, or they can call the program's toll-free number. The website materials are available in English and Spanish.

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