How Can You Find New Information About Sarcoidosis?


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It is possible to find new information about sarcoidosis by visiting the American Thoracic Society website, Thoracic.org, and performing an online search for sarcoidosis. Another good resource for new information about sarcoidosis is the health section of ABC News. Uptodate.com has information about sarcoidosis that goes beyond the basics. PubMed reports on the latest research on sarcoidosis. The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research is another useful resource for new information about the condition.

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The American Thoracic Society website, at Thoracic.org, has a search feature that provides links to articles and webinars that discuss the current progress in treatment and new advances in management of sarcoidosis. ABC reports sarcoidosis news in its health section. This often includes new information about sarcoidosis based on the personal experiences of people suffering from this condition. Uptodate.com has exhaustive information about sarcoidosis presented in an easy-to-understand format. This information is current and detailed.

The latest information about clinical trials and new treatments for sarcoidosis is available at PubMed.gov, including case reports, clinical reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Another excellent resource for finding new information about sarcoidosis is the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, at StopSarcoidosis.org. Its News & Events section has in-depth information about clinical research, expert opinions, inspiring patient stories, and the changing face of sarcoidosis research.

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