How Can You Find Nearby Spa and Wellness Locations?


To find a nearby spa and wellness center look first to discount sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial for deals. Also search local hotels, gyms and other health locations for spa services.

The discount sites may help uncover previously unknown spa centers. Additionally, they often offer cheap entry to a spa or good prices for add-ons, such as a facial or pedicure.

Use the local phone book to uncover other sites that may have spa services. Remember that one can't always tell from the street what kinds of services a business offers, so calling may clear up any confusion.

Dedicated spas specialize in relaxation services, but they may be more expensive than some of the other alternatives. Hotels sometime have dedicated spa areas as well, though they may also offer a variety of other services. Gyms provide easy accessibility and sometimes the lowest prices for spa services, but one must generally be a member in order to use such services.

Good questions to ask in trying to figure out which to visit include whether one is looking for a quiet experience or a more active one. Additionally, consider whether spa staff need to be trained in a particular field to meet your needs.