How Can You Naturally Reduce Cholesterol?


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Establishing an exercise routine and eating more fiber are two ways to reduce cholesterol naturally. Both of these steps reduce overall cholesterol as well as the percentage of LDL, or bad, cholesterol within the bloodstream, as stated by Cooking Light.

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For people with sedentary lifestyles, starting with 20 minutes of walking at a moderate level of intensity, four times a week, starts the process of reducing overall levels of cholesterol. Over time, progressing to an hour of aerobic activity six days a week elevates fitness levels and reduces cholesterol even further. Research has shown that moderate exercise done just about every day drops cholesterol levels as much as 20 percent, while also increasing levels of HDL, or good, cholesterol, according to Cooking Light.

Fiber has many different health benefits, including the reduction of cholesterol. Adding whole grains, fruit and vegetables to one's diet improves health in a number of ways. For lowering cholesterol, though, the addition of soluble fiber to one's diet is the most important. Apples, barley and oats contain a great deal of this type of fiber, and a minimum of 3 grams of soluble fiber per day is necessary to start reducing cholesterol. Other sources of soluble fiber include asparagus, peas, strawberries, citrus fruit, turnips and yams, notes Cooking Light.

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