How Can You Naturally Produce More Sperm?

The Mayo Clinic reports that living a healthy lifestyle can help a man naturally produce more sperm. Diet, medications, environmental factors and extracurricular activities can all affect how much sperm a man produces. A few simple lifestyle changes can greatly improve a man's sperm count.

The activities a man participates in can have a direct effect on the sperm he produces. Illegal drug use, use of tobacco products and heavy alcohol consumption are known to decrease sperm count. Regular exercise and effective stress management techniques are both known to help men produce more sperm. The scrotum area should be kept cool for optimum sperm production. Avoid hot tubs, tight underwear and excessive laptop usage.

Eating a healthy diet can promote better sperm health, which is just as important as a man's sperm quantity. Antioxidant rich foods such as vegetables and fruits can help improve the quality of sperm. Certain medications and supplements, such as steroids and tricyclic antidepressants, should be avoided by men looking to improve sperm health and count.