What Can You Do to Naturally Heal Nerve Pain?


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Exercising, cutting down on alcohol intake, having a warm bath and sleeping may help relieve nerve pain symptoms naturally, states WebMD. Wearing shoes that fit well and checking the feet often may also help in alleviating nerve pain in the feet.

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Injuries, side effects of certain medications, chemotherapy and diabetes may lead to nerve pain, states WebMD. Exercises such as walking widen blood vessels, triggering blood flow to the nerves, thus relieving the pain. Exercise not only nourishes nerves, but also helps in producing endorphins, which are natural painkillers. The patient should start exercising slowly.

Persons suffering from diabetes should ensure that their blood sugars are at normal levels in order to help treat diabetic nerve pain, according to WebMD. Proper foot care monitors sensation in the feet and reduces exposure to injuries and infections. This aids in reducing nerve pain that occurs in the feet. However, medical consultation is necessary for patients with wounds or injuries.

Excessive consumption of alcohol may aggravate nerve pain, so patients should not drink more than four drinks per week, advises WebMD. Warm baths help reduce stress, which may worsen the problem, and enhance blood flow to the affected area, alleviating the pain. Meditation may also help in relieving the problem. People suffering from nerve pain should try to sleep eight hours every day. Cutting down on caffeine may help the patients sleep better.

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