How Can You Find Help for Nasal Spray Addiction?


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To find help for dependency on nasal spray, it is best to speak to a doctor, who may prescribe medication to wean the individual off of the spray, according to About.com. Though these medications are not addicting as other drugs are, people may rely on them to treat nasal congestion.

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Chronic use of nasal sprays, such as Afrin or Neo-Synephrine, may result in dependency on these products, explains About.com. Though these medications may be effective to treat nasal congestion, the use of the spray should not continue for more than three days. This medication is not technically addicting, the more a person uses it, the more the nasal congestion begins to worsen as the medication wears off.

The dependence on a nasal decongestant is rhinitis medicamentosa, and if a person develops it, he often requires additional medication from a doctor to wean off the nasal spray, states About.com. Usually, a doctor prescribes steroid nasal sprays or a course of oral corticosteroids to break the cycle. Even with long-term, chronic use, it is impossible to truly develop an addiction to prescription nasal sprays, such as nasal antihistamines, nasal steroids or nasal anticholinergics, so those who receive a prescription for these medications can take them without any fear of addiction.

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