How Can Muscle Pain From Statins Be Relieved?


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Statin-induced muscle weakness was reduced by 44 percent and muscle pain reduced by 53 percent in patients taking CoQ10 for six months in a 2012 study cited by PubMed. A 2007 study showed significant decreases in muscle pain and interference in daily activities after one month of CoQ10 use.

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Myopathy, or muscle weakness, in patients who take statin drugs to lower cholesterol is thought to be due to the drug’s ability to lower the body’s natural coenzyme Q10 levels, reports PubMed. CoQ10 is critical for mitochondrial energy production. Half the patients in a 2007 study took 100 milligrams daily of coenzyme Q10, and the other half took 400 IU of vitamin E. After 30 days, the severity of pain in those who took CoQ10 was reduced by 40 percent and interference in daily activities from pain was decreased by 38 percent. No change was noticed in the patients who took Vitamin E.

Some individuals taking statins experience a serious deterioration in their muscle cells, a condition known as rhabdomyolysis, reports Healthline. As the muscles degrade, a protein is released into the bloodstream that has a severe effect on the kidneys. Because research indicates that coenzyme Q10 both decreases the breakdown of muscle tissue and reduces the pain and weakness experienced by patients using statins, it is an effective supplement. Studies also show that coenzyme Q10 can help treat heart failure and is beneficial when taken prior to heart surgery.

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